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Oct 31, 2022

Your kingdom come

Thy kingdom come my Lord Jesus Christ and rebukes all darkness and impurity from my heart,

Teach me how to carry my cross and follow You every day until I see Your kingdom,

Remove the blur from my eyes and grant me the simple eye so I may shine with Your light,

Extend Your arms and save me from my bonds, debits,

heaviness and my slavery,

Ignite in me the flame of Your love to burn the thorns and release the bonds,

Enrich me with the treasure of Your glory oh the hope of the glory and purify my heart with Your grace,

Drive me through the parade of victory and fill me with the fragrance of Your Love,

Place within me a pure alter for You so I can offer my body as a sacrifice of love to You,

Quench my thirst from the fountain of Your love oh Lover of mankind,

My Lord Jesus Christ... I'm a stranger in the land so fill me with Your fear and ignite my heart with the desire to Your kingdom,

oh Lover of mankind.

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