Jun 13, 2018

“Immediately he preached the Christ in the Synagogues, that He is the Son of God”
(Acts 9.20).

➕ He immediately started to preach that Jesus is the Christ, not just to confirm his faith,
but because his fiery heart that was previously opposing the Truth was converted to realizing the Truth was longing to bring everyone to experience what he did,
and to enjoy the Messiah,
the desire of the fathers and prophets, the Messiah Son of God, the Backbone of all the Old Testament.
Once Saul saw the exalted light of love,
and the new covenant by the blood of Jesus the Lord of glory,
he arose and was baptized, gained the new birth, and was strengthened by the food of faith.
Now the wolf became a lamb,
and the enemy became a minister, loving and beloved.

➕ Do you see how faithful Saul’s heart is? Do you see how he confirms to us that what he did before was in ignorance? ... Anyway, once he knew from the Giver of the law Himself that he was on the wrong path, he did not put off forsaking his sins, or delayed his repentance. But once he was enlightened by the light of the Spirit, he became a preacher of the Truth.

➕ Have you seen him, like a lion, jumping everywhere? Look at him now, changing to a docile lamb! Who used before to put in chains those who believe in Christ, put them in prison, persecute, and chase them, is now being let down through the wall in a large basket, to escape from the plots of the Jews (Acts 9.25) .

(St. John Chrysostom)

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