Jun 13, 2018

could not be realised without the cross of Christ, through which all nations would be blessed,

and because God wanted to show Abraham the greatness of the grace he was giving him in sacrificing his only Son for the salvation of his descendants,

he had to say to him “Take your son...”, a saying pregnant in meaning.

Then God added emphatically

“...Isaac, the one you love, and offer him to me on one of these mountains,” as though he was igniting in Abraham the flames of compassion befitting a father’s attitude to his one and only son.

It is as if he was saying “So that you may learn through suffering what the Father of all will bear

when he will offer his beloved Son as a sacrifice for the salvation of the world.”

This is what the Saviour himself expressed in great admiration when he said:

“God so loved the world that he gave up his only Son...”

St Cyril the Great

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